We aren't done until you are back out there.

At Chiswick Physio, we aim to get you back to your passion as quickly as possible and stronger than before. We aren't done until you are back out there. Whether it’s a swim, bike, run, triathlon, cycle sportive, time trial, half, full, 10km, park run, duathlon, obstacle races, Chiswick Physio is here to help. Working with and supporting the development of endurance athletes has become a large part of the Chiswick Physio’s work profile. The challenge is to keep runners running and, where possible, improve the way they do it. And to keep riders on their bikes, and where possible, going stronger and longer.

The team understand the importance of a well-functioning body for sustaining physical and mental well-being of those who wish to push the limits of adventure and fitness. We are passionate about utilizing current evidence-based interventions in order to optimize outcomes so you can continue to pursue your passions.  

We specialise in treating:

  • Shoulder overuse injuries

  • Spinal injuries

  • Knee, hip and ankle overuse injuries

Our consultation room and gymnasium enable us to treat a variety of conditions for the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. We provide:

  • Physical assessment and screening

  • Functional biomechanical movement analysis / biomechanical assessments

  • Video analysis

  • Sports massage

  • Exercise based rehabilitation of running, cycling and swimming overuse injuries

When it comes to endurance sports you ‘get out what you put in’. You need to put in both the ‘hard miles’ and the ‘smart miles’. We like to think that the Chiswick Physio way of working can provide the smart miles that support your hard miles.

Here’s what our clients say about us…