Performance training

Performance-based strength and conditioning training designed for your specific sport

What is sports performance training?

Sports performance is a customised fitness programme designed to enhance your athletic abilities in your specific sport. At our West London clinic our aim is to help athletes reach their full potential by improving:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Sport-specific skills
  • Minimise the risk of injury

Who is sports performance training for?

Sports performance personal training is designed for active individuals and athletes of all levels seeking to excel in their chosen sport.

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or seasoned professional, our skilled team including physiotherapists, sports rehabbers and personal trainers and will design customised training programmes to align with your particular sport, objectives, and personal requirements.

Our sports performance personal trainers are geared towards elevating not just your athletic performance but also ensuring you reach your peak potential, minimising the risk of injury and surpassing the competition by prioritising your:

  • Strength and resistance training
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Speed and agility training
  • Movement proficiency

How does sports performance training differ from personal training?

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While traditional personal training aims to enhance overall fitness and well-being, sports performance training is centered on developing the skills and physical attributes unique to a particular athlete’s sport. This consists of:

  • Sport-specific assessment
  • Skill development
  • Focus on performance metrics
  • Injury prevention
  • Mindset and mental preparation

With the use of these factors and a tailored programme, sports performance training is more specialised and targeted toward improving an athlete’s performance in their chosen field.

What does it involve?

Screening process – we will assess the way you move, learn about your exercise history, understand any previous or existing injuries and outline a clear path moving forward.

Running Analysis – We design a highly personalised rehab plan, based on your individual running analysis data. You recover faster, get rid of niggling pains and become the runner you want to be.

Training programme – we develop a personalised training programme considering your current level of performance and tailor it to improve your performance in your sport.

Sessions – we will take you through a range of exercises aligned to your goal,
getting you stronger, making you more mobile and robust, while helping prevent the occurrence of injuries.

  • Strength and resistance training > At Chiswick Physio, our sports performance personal training adopts a comprehensive approach for strength and resistance training, encompassing endurance, stability, strength, hypertrophy, and power development.
  • Power > Chiswick Physio’s sports performance personal training underscores the significance of Power Training alongside Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) exercises. These elements are pivotal in enhancing athletic performance across a spectrum of sports disciplines.
  • Cardiovascular fitness

Review – we will have regular check-ins to ensure you’re confident performing the exercises prescribed, your level of progression and any concerns you may have.

At the LAB we help our clients achieve what they previously thought was impossible through hard work and dedication. We don’t believe in quick fixes. Reaching your goals and building strength takes time, but if you value your health and have the commitment we can guarantee results and keep you performing at your highest level.

What sports benefit from performance training?

At our Chiswick, West London practice, we specialise in performance training. Our group of trainers dedicated to sports performance boasts a collective experience exceeding 40 years. Throughout our journey, we’ve collaborated with individuals from diverse sporting backgrounds and skill levels, aiding athletes in enhancing their performance across a multitude of disciplines such as:

  • Long distance running
  • Triathlon
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Climbing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Rugby
  • Gaelic football


What do we treat?

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What is the difference between sports performance personal training and regular personal training?

While conventional personal training seeks to improve overall fitness and health, sports performance training focuses on honing the specialised skills and physical qualities essential to an athlete’s specific sport. It involves sport-specific evaluations, precise exercises, and customised programmes designed to elevate an athlete’s performance in their chosen field.

How do you train for performance?

Performance training involves a targeted approach, incorporating specialised exercises, skill drills, tailored workouts, and focused techniques aligned with specific sports or fitness goals. It includes strength, agility, cardiovascular fitness, and skill development, often customised by sports rehabbers or personal trainers to enhance overall athletic performance effectively.

What is the difference between fitness and performance?

Fitness generally focuses on overall health, encompassing strength, endurance, and flexibility. Sports performance, however, specifically targets skill development, tailored training, and strategies to excel within a particular athletic discipline, aiming to optimise an athlete’s abilities for competitive endeavours.

Who can start a performance training programme?

Anyone passionate about enhancing athletic abilities can initiate a performance training programme. Athletes, enthusiasts, or individuals aiming to elevate their skill, cardiovascular fitness, and technique within a sport or fitness domain can embark on tailored programmes to optimise their performance and reach their potential.

Who is sports performance personal training for?

Sports performance personal training is for athletes of all levels seeking to improve their physical capabilities, agility, and skills to excel in their respective sports.

What is sports performance personal training?

Sports performance personal training is a customised fitness programme designed to enhance an individual’s athletic abilities in their specific sport. It improves strength, agility, speed, endurance, cardiovascular fitness and sport-specific skills to help athletes reach their full potential.

How does sports performance personal training differ from regular personal training?

While traditional personal training aims to enhance overall fitness and well-being, sports performance training focuses on developing the skills and physical attributes unique to a particular athlete’s sport. This consists of sport-specific assessments, targeted exercises, and tailored programming to elevate an athlete’s performance in their chosen field.

What are the benefits of sports performance?

The advantages of sports performance training lie in its tailoring to your sport, emphasising the specific physical requirements and skills essential for achieving success in your athletic discipline

Can sports performance personal training help me improve my running?

Yes, sports performance training is a powerful means to elevate running performance. It enhances strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, power, and running mechanics, rectifying muscle imbalances, optimising stride, and reducing the risk of running-related injuries.

Can sports performance personal training help me improve my triathlon?

Sports performance training enhances endurance, strength, and agility, crucial for triathlon success. It optimises aerobic capacity, muscle efficiency, and transitions, improving overall performance in swimming, cycling, and running, and aiding in injury prevention.

How often should I train for sports performance?

The frequency of sports performance training is contingent on your sport, objectives, existing fitness level, and the seasonal characteristics of your sport. Typically, it’s advisable to schedule 2-3 sessions per week, alongside your usual sport-specific training and conditioning. Further discussions can be held with your trainer for tailored guidance.

How long does it take to see results?

The timeframe for observing progress fluctuates based on your initial condition, objectives, and dedication to the programme. Most athletes typically detect enhanced performance within 4 weeks of maintaining consistent sports performance training but we recommend a programme consisting of 3 months minimum.

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