Physiotherapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Women’s Health

Shockingly, one in three women experience women’s health problems during their lifetime,  but many are either too embarrassed to seek help or unaware that there are treatments available. Evidence shows that you can successfully treat pelvic floor problems with a personalised pelvic health program designed and managed by a specifically trained Physiotherapist. Jade Rodham is our women’s health specialist at Chiswick Physio. She has pursued extensive post graduate training in the specialty area of pelvic health physical therapy and is dedicated to helping women in the local community. She especially enjoys helping new Mums recover from pregnancy and childbirth and safely return to their previous active lifestyle.

Women’s health is suitable for all women at all stages of life, from teenage years to post-menopausal. All treatment sessions are conducted in private rooms with targeted hands-on therapy. Women’s health is suitable for anyone concerned about, or looking for symptomatic relief of:  

Pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems like back and neck pain

Back, neck and rib issues can be extremely painful and have a huge impact on your pregnancy and limit your ability to look after and enjoy your baby.

Urinary incontinence, stress or urgency

Bladder leakage, rushing to the toilet and going frequently are not normal. We can help.

Pelvic floor trauma

Pregnancy and birth are the number one causes of pelvic floor problems; it is essential that you correctly exercise these muscles to prevent bladder leakage and prolapse.

Caesarean section

Correct recovery and abdominal strengthening is important after a C section to reduce long term back and pelvic problems.

Abdominal separation

Pregnancy weakens abdominal muscles causing back pain, injury and poor posture. A strengthening program will help you regain muscle tone and protect your back.

POST Menopause, bladder and pelvic conditions

Professional advice will give you peace of mind and enables you to maintain your normal level of activity with confidence.

Pelvic surgery

Hysterectomy is the most common female surgery. Optimising your pelvic floor will assist your recovery.

Pelvic floor retraining (general and pre/post-natal)

Research shows that 50% of women cannot correctly contract their pelvic floor. Prevention is always better than cure.

Require a pre/post-natal check

Practical life and birth skills will empower you and your support person to cope with labour and birth and can also be applied to the postnatal period.

Our service is highly confidential and respects the sensitive nature of these problems. Jade will ensure you are doing the right exercises for your condition, safely, so you recover quickly and can live an active and fulfilling life.


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